PirObject Homepage

Welcome. This is the home page for the Perl Module PirObject.pm.

Latest release: PirObject 1.17 (January, 2008).

You can obtain the latest release from two different sources:

1) Download the .tar.gz file will all the code, documentation an examples.
2) Access each file of the release from the CVS Server.

There isn't much to report here yet... soon this page will contain a short intro to the package, what it does etc. For the moment, if you are curious, I suggest you go to the CVS server and have a look at the file "docs/PirObjectManual.txt". The first section contains a short, readable presentation of the features of the module.

Sincerest thanks to SourceForge.net for providing this service!

Last updated: January 13, 2008, by prioux